Kevin Legere


The social marketplace for modern collectors.

Skwirl is a project built from a desire to connect my skillset of building software with my hobby of collecting. Skwirl will be a web application deployed on AWS using RDS, Ruby on Jets, Next.js, Tailwind and Typescript.


The decision making app

Pickit is a side project that I am working on. The 💡 came from my wife who wanted an app that would help her make decisions. What are we going to have for dinner? What should we do today? What game should we play? All of these decisions can be made more easily with a little help from Pickit. Releasing 2021.


Strengthening organizations to do heroic work

HighBond is an enterprise governance software platform that is used by the largest companies in the world to combat fraud, waste and abuse. I worked on various apps in the portfolio, lead the product team and helped tranform a small startup into a Vancouver tech unicorn.


DJ for life

Stanton and are industry leaders in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for club and mobile DJs and turntablists. I worked on their SC line of DJ controllers and players. The flagship proudct was the SCS.4DJ which I assisted with the functional design, prototyping and development of the beat sync algorithm.

plastic orchid factory

Contemporary dance collective

Plastic orchid makes, supports and advocates for divergent art works that are pluralistic in practice and in form. I did the sound design and original score for a variety of projects including one of their more recent ones called Digital Folk. I currently sit on their Board of Directors.

Warehouse Party

minimal | experimental | electronic | music

Warehouse Party is my current music project with Mike Arensen and Kelcy Clark. You can find our music on Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp and Spotify.